4 ways The Internet Has Made Private Investigators Essential

As technology continues to evolve, so does illicit and dangerous behavior. Here are four clear examples of how modern technology has only increased the need for a private investigator:

1. Adultery Is Just An App Away

Social media allows us to connect with loved ones and old friends, but it also puts people back in touch with crushes, flings and old flames. The less tech-savvy among us may not be aware that there are innumerable easily downloadable apps that allow a partner to hide their sketchy dealings. Something that appears to be a simple calculator could actually hide a treasure trove of scandalous nude pictures. The word game that seems like an innocent way to pass time could really be used for discreet sexting with anonymous strangers. There are entire websites and groups on social media created with the sole purpose of making it easier for a person to cheat. 

2. Dating Sites Create A False Sense Of Intimacy

You spend time crafting the perfect dating profile and upload your best photos. You gain the attention of an attractive man or woman, and the two of you send a flurry of messages back and forth. You decide to meet up and they seem like your ultimate dream. Unfortunately, all you know about this person is what they have told you. You feel connected to them because of how much text you have shared, but you don't really know them.

3. Stalking Is Easier Than Ever

Have you ever checked into a location through social media? Did you know that unless you turn the GPS on your phone off, it may automatically tag where you are when you post something? Have you shared a photo of yourself smiling with friends at your favorite restaurant while you were still there? These are the sorts of things that make the internet a stalker's best friend. Instead of having to be in your area to physically follow you, they can simply follow your Twitter or Instagram under an assumed name. That's assuming you even know their name at all. 

4. Childcare

The old adage of 'it's hard to find good help these days' still rings true. It's why so many people have turned to the internet to find the perfect nanny or babysitter. Websites even offer providers who have passed the company's own background check. That's great, right? It lets you feel like you've done your homework, but have you? The thoroughness of a background check can vary in a number of ways. When you are entrusting someone with the care of your children, shouldn't you know everything that can be found about them? They may have no convictions, but an old, forgotten blog could reveal that they have some questionable interests or opinions that don't mesh well with those of your family.

If you've found yourself in one of the above situations, or any predicament in which you require the best in investigative services, contact Stealth Advise now.

Adam Quirk is the proud owner of Stealth Advise, with over 15 years of investigations experience in the criminal justice field, as well as advanced knowledge in security, and multiple advanced degrees in Criminal Justice and Business Administration.