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Stealth Advise is different from other private investigations companies. This isn't a post-retirement, part-time investigations job. This is our passion. And this is what we love doing every single day. Conducting investigations is also our livelihood, and our clients' lives often depend on our important work, so we take our cases very seriously. We are deeply committed to what we do, and we ensure that our commitment is highly visible to all of our clients.


About Stealth Advise

Located in Green Bay, Stealth Advise serves clients in Northeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Madison and throughout the state. As a fully licensed and insured private investigations company, Stealth Advise specializes in a wide range of complex investigative services.   

We hate mediocre. We are dedicated. We are professional. We are diligent. We are highly trained and skilled. We are reliable. We are tech savvy. And we are experts in the investigations arena. That is why we are the best. And that is why Stealth Advise, LLC is Wisconsin's premier private investigations firm.

Stealth Advise prides itself on the use of the most advanced investigative technology and techniques, as well as its ability to present meaningful and insightful information to every client. 

As much of its work involves the development and presentation of evidence in court, Stealth Advise carefully employs the proper investigative techniques, detailed reports and diligent due process that can bear the scrutiny of attorneys, judges and juries.

Our dedication and experience are extensive and comprehensive, which is why we want to help you uncover the truth.


Client Testimonials

"Adam [owner of Stealth Advise] has worked on multiple criminal cases for my law firm. He is extremely professional; thanks to his dedication and expertise, nearly all of our cases result in reduced or dismissed charges." 

Mark P. Howe, Attorney at Law, Green Bay, WI

Adam quirk  , owner of stealth advise

Adam quirk, owner of stealth advise

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