6 Reasons You Need a Private Investigator

There are multiple reasons why you might need a private investigator. From cold cases to workman’s compensation, a private investigator can be a valuable resource as they provide a range of investigative services.


Stalkers aren’t just after celebrities—everyday people can have one too. According to the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey from 2010, seven million American women and men are victims of stalking in an average year. If you suspect that you have a stalker you should act fast as stalkers are unpredictable and their behavior could quickly escalate. The police are available to arrest and bring the stalker to justice, but they require a substantial amount of evidence in order to build a case. This is where a private investigator comes in. He or she can identify and locate the suspect, as well as collect the evidence needed.


Do you have an inkling that your spouse or partner is being deceitful? Or do you suspect that your friend’s partner is cheating and want to catch them in the act? Snooping and trying to catch your loved one is risky and time-consuming, not to mention embarrassing if it turns out that they are not cheating. A private investigator has a powerful tool in uncovering the truth—surveillance. Unbeknownst to your loved one, a private investigator can easily obtain evidence of infidelity, which you can then use to confront them with confidence.


Employers place a lot of trust in their employees. They want to ensure that the people they hire are representing themselves accurately and remain loyal once hired. Thankfully, a private investigator can easily pre-screen prospective employees. Once employed, if said employee is suspected of theft, the investigator can look into the matter further using surveillance, going undercover, or conducting interviews. Additionally, an investigator can look into workman’s compensation claims and find out if the employee is being truthful.


When divorce occurs, it’s difficult for all members of the family and even more so if the parents are fighting for custody of the children. What happens if one parent is convinced that the other is unfit, yet cannot prove it? A private investigator can perform surveillance on the ex-spouse and collect the necessary information they need to build a custody case against the other parent. They can also be of assistance if a single parent is trying to track down a deadbeat parent and needs assistance collecting child support.


There are many circumstances that separate loved ones that are not criminal in nature such as travel, adoption, marriage, and divorce. While anyone can attempt to locate someone through an online search or public records, it can be a time consuming and daunting task. A private investigator can be of valuable assistance in helping you locate a loved one. They have access to resources that the average person does not, such as relationships with other investigators, surveillance equipment, background checks, and investigative databases.


When time passes and an unsolved crime becomes a cold case, law enforcement can only do so much. They have a lot of their plate, priorities change, and detectives come and go. A private investigator can reinvestigate the case with a fresh set of eyes, scrutinizing details that police may have looked over. Devoting a significant amount of time, the private investigator can re-interview witnesses, widen theories, and look into previously ignored tips and leads.

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